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A wired logic connection is a logic gate that implements boolean algebra (logic) using only passive components such as diodes and resistors. A wired logic connection can create an AND or an OR gate. The limitations are the inability to create a NOT gate and the lack of level restoration.

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• Burn in the interconnection to create logic – Uses wired logic but could be implemented with static CMOS • In Eetimes this week, Xilinx announced they are phasing out this architecture. – Too much power. Erasable PLD • Replace fuse with re-programmable device – Charge can be injected onto the floating gate thus turning.

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Barnes Noble is getting into the e-books business, all guns blazing, as it announced a new expanded e-book store that will be available across different devices such iPhone, BlackBerry.Programmable Logic Controller • A programmable logic controller (PLC) is a specialized computer used to control machines and process. • It uses a programmable memory to store instructions and specific functions that include On/Off control, timing, counting, sequencing, arithmetic, and data handling.

hard-wired programmable (e.g. wiring of electro-mechanical or electronic components) and programmable logic controllers. The first is used pri-marily in cases, where any reprogramming by the user is out of the question and the job size warrants the development of a special control-ler.
Samsung’s announcement that it plans to release an e-book reader called Papyrus means it is at least the seventh company to hop on the digital-book bandwagon. With touchscreen capability.Logic Design A Review. Sequential Logic In a Wired-Or Connection, Only One Buffer can be in Non-Tristate State.

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“Logic literacy” includes knowing what metalogic is all about. And you can’t really learn about anything in logic without getting your hands dirty and doing it. So this book does contain some metalogic (e.g., soundness and completeness proofs in propositional logic and propositional modal logic). But it doesn’t.

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