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Brian Douglas Wilson (born June 20, 1942) is an American musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer who co-founded the Beach Boys.After signing with Capitol Records in 1962, Wilson wrote or co-wrote more than two dozen Top 40 hits for the group.

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Blazing *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Alone in his tiny kayak, Brian Wilson sets off on an 1800-mile odyssey around Scotland s grand cliffscapes.

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Live now because the future of humanity on the planet looks bleak indeed. The two driving forces of population explosion and the economic theory of growth (based on the capitalistic basis of human greed) is set to do us in as the planet warms, getting rid of us and the vast majority of other species living.

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Morgan Freeman (born June 1, 1937) is an American actor and film narrator. Freeman won an Academy Award in 2005 for Best Supporting Actor with Million Dollar Baby (2004), and he has received Oscar nominations for his performances in Street Smart (1987), Driving Miss Daisy (1989), The Shawshank Redemption (1994), and Invictus (2009).

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I really enjoyed reading “50 Stories: 50 Years In Radio”. I’ve always been a fan of Brian Wilson. After reading this book I have even more respect and appreciation for him,his talent and his intellect! “50 Stories: 50 Years In Radio is an excellent.

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