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Yes, it’s another postapocalyptic movie. But “The Book of Eli,” a grownups-only film, stands on its own as a gripping, entertaining story with a couple of nifty twists thrown.
A spiritual perspective on Book of Eli I will lead the blind by ways they have not known, along unfamiliar paths I will guide them; I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do; I will not forsake them.~Isaiah 42:16.
So the possibilities are as follow: Eli is blind and if so, he either trained himself to be able to travel, hunt, shoot, etc. like a sighted person would, or perhaps God is guiding his every move, as Eli says, "I know I wouldn't have made it this far without help"; Eli is partially blind; or he is fully sighted and anything to suggest otherwise.
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Directed by Albert Hughes, Allen Hughes. With Denzel Washington, Mila Kunis, Ray Stevenson, Gary Oldman. A post-apocalyptic tale, in which a lone man fights his way across America in order to protect a sacred book that holds the secrets to saving humankind.

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Most importantly, Eli realizes along the way that he’s been focusing too much on keeping the book safe, to the point that he has failed to live by it. The Book of Eli’s storyline is strong, with only a few mishaps. At one point, Eli is injured, yet he continues to walk down the path he started at the beginning.
Aug 23, 2017 · Hi, I made this video to prove that Eli is not blind at least not in this scene. Eli tries to see if the woman is blind by testing her. Eli is staring her down for her reaction to his test.
Jan 22, 2010 · Eli after losing the book, was blind once again. a he references i m the only one who can touch it. after watching the movie, we recalled some instances such as opening a wall locker, when a blind man would not even know it was there let alone be able to reach directly for the handle. regardless of the fact of whether Eli was blind.
“The Book of El”i convicted and inspired me to continue on the journey that the Lord has set before me no matter the obstacles, the challenges or the dangers. Eli had a mantra that we should all adopt: Stay focused and stay on the path. Eli’s mantra reminds me of Proverbs 3: 6 In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct.
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This movie still released by Warner Bros. Pictures shows Denzel Washington (center) as Eli in Alcon Entertainment’s action adventure film “The Book of Eli,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

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If u consider, that this movie is based on the bible, yes he was blind, because ELI the priest was a real person and was blind too (1. Samuel 3:2, 1. Samuel 4:15). There is a reason why the movie is called “Book of Eli” and not “book of whoever”.
The Book of Eli (DVD) : Eli walks alone in post-apocalyptic America. He heads west along the Highway of Death on a mission he doesn't fully understand but knows he must complete. In his backpack is the last copy of a book that could become the wellspring of a revived society. Or in the wrong hands, the hammer of a despot. Eli keeps his blade sharp and his survival instincts sharper.
Answer: No. Eli is not blind. There are moments where you could construe he was blind only after you decided he was. In the first house Eli holes up in, he looks at the mouse, he roots through his bag, while moving his head to see better into the bag. He looks out the window the next day, moving his eyes to and fro to take in the situation.
In the movie the book of eli the main character, is he blind? I believe he is not blind but have learned brail from someone else or by the voice he said he heard which guide him to the book. 0 0 1. Login to reply the answers Post; Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now. It just plays the audio of my movies while.
This Ethiopic version of the Book of Enoch is deemed by scholars to be older by several centuries than the Slavonic one, and portions of that older version are in turn known to have been based.
The Book of Eli (2010 and the action packed The Book of Eli which is appealing for the mass audience. 30 years after a massive war which blow a hole in the sky, possibly a nuclear war, Eli (Denzel Washington) is a lone traveller heading to the West Coast of America. He is a skilled martial artist, armed with guns, a long knife.

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The Book of Eli certainly brings to mind that other monstrosity among American post-apocalyptic films, I am Legend, which also weds the genre's conventions with religious nonsense.
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AND - we learn that Eli is blind - and apparently has been for 30 years. Throughout the movie, Eli shot animal s for food (including a flying bird with a bow), and defended himself with blade and gun, and yet was blind the entire time. Eli was protected by God, because he sought only to follow and act upon his faith.
“The Book of Eli” is a well-crafted film with stunning cinematography, a haunting score, and moving performances from the ensemble cast. Denzel Washington especially brings the amazing character of Eli to life with his passionate performance. All of these theatrical elements come together to tell a refreshing story of unwavering faith and obedience.
The Book of Eli is a stylised, amped up post-apocalyptic action film riding on the dusty shoulders of Denzel Washington - The Road with swordfights. The Hughes Brothers.
Post-party, he enjoyed the idea so much that he worked on toning down the pulp and bringing out the humanity in Eli. To this end, he concentrated enormously on finding the story's real theme. "If you really know your theme, that will be the lighthouse that will always guide you back to what the story is about," Whitta.
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i saw it the first week it came out i thought it was a great movie, loved the actors, loved the story, and loved the twist.
He got his thugs to find the book and found out Eli had it so he chased down Eli and took the book and killed him but Eli didnt die Eli went to the west because this voice inside.
The Book of Eli is a visual masterpiece starring Denzel Washington as the keeper of the book. This book is believed to be the guide that led men in the past to righteous living before the war, that is before the sky split and the sun burned everything—all the people, blinding many others.
Eli: Cursed be the ground for our sake. Both thorns and thistles it shall bring forth for us. For out of the ground we were taken, for the dust we are. and to the dust we shall return.
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I am confused also as to whether or not Eli was blind, or whether his name was even Eli, but I don't think that he was blind. So, he can smell the BO of the unbathed and can smell perfume/shampoo. You don't have to be blind for that. He didn't shoot at people until they shot at him first, that might not be as much about targeting as common.
In ''The Book of Eli the protagonist is completely blind throughout the narrative, wearing dark sunglasses to cover his condition and relying on his faith in the Lord, alone, to guide him to his destiny. Given what he's able to do and the odds against him it seems God really.
Realizing Eli is a literate man like himself, Carnegie forces him to stay the night under guard. After Carnegie's blind mistress Claudia brings Eli food and water, Carnegie orders her daughter Solara to seduce Eli, but he rebuffs her. Solara sees Eli has a book, and he offers to share his food, saying grace before.
: Natch, given what the book is; Eli quotes from it. Also subverted when Eli is trying to explain the concept of faith to Solara with the metaphor flower of light in a field of darkness She asks if he got that from the book, and he admits that it s a quote from Johnny Cash. Author Tract: Averted. Although Denzel Washington helped spearhead.
Guide Dogs: Providing mobility for the blind and partially sighted. Supporting research, raising awareness and campaigning for the visually impaired. We will not rest until people who are blind or partially sighted can enjoy the same freedom of movement as everyone.
Find listings of daytime and primetime ABC TV shows, movies and specials. Get links to your favorite show pages.No. Eli is a wanderer, but the film does not center on his life He s just going from Point A to Point B, and plowing through obstacles. The director is acutely aware that Gary Oldman s character is much more interesting than Eli, and the focus of the film substantially shifts --for the better-- to what he wants.
At the end of The Book of Eli it is revealed that the eponymous bible that Eli used to read (and learn by heart) is actually written in Braille. Yet I'm not sure what further conclusions to draw from this. Was Eli just able to read Braille for some unknown reason or was he actually blind all the time (probably since the apocalypse 30 years ago, which is implied to have blinded many people).
The Book of Eli is a stylised, amped up post-apocalyptic action film riding on the dusty shoulders of Denzel Washington - The Road with swordfights.
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The *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Book of Eli - Solara: The Verse of Shadow, is the story of Solara and her mission to save her blind mother from Carnegie. This story is a fan-told expansion of the original 2010 movie The Book of Eli starring Denzel Washington (Eli) and Mila Kunis (Solara).The Blind Tiger May 11, 2019. Season 2, Episode 3. May 11, 2019. Young Eli's Comanches must survive a dangerous journey in 1852. In 1915, Eli and Pete are forced to work together.
Now, people struggle to find water, and many have turned to cannibalism to survive. A lone wanderer named Eli (Denzel Washington) has been traveling the wastes for decades, walking westward, following a voice he heard long ago. He is in possession of a book that he believes will provide the means of salvation for the world.
In the not-too-distant future, some 30 years after the final war, a solitary man walks across the wasteland that was once America. A warrior not by choice but necessity, Eli (Denzel Washington) seeks only peace but, if challenged, will cut his attackers down before they realize their fatal mistake.
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Eli Manning supports Guiding Eyes for the Blind, which provides guide dogs for the blind as well as autistic children. Patrick Browne Jr. (right) is a longtime family friend; teammate David Diehl.
So the possibilities are as follow: Eli is blind and if so, he either trained himself to be able to travel, hunt, shoot, etc. like a sighted person would, or perhaps God is guiding his every move, as Eli says, I know I wouldn t have made it this far without help ; Eli is partially blind; or he is fully sighted and anything to suggest otherwise.

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Solara's Journey- BOOK OF ELI. I do not own the rights to the movie: Book of Eli, the characters, or plot. That pleasure lies unto Writer Gary Whitta and Directors Albert and Allen Hughes. My story is a continuation of the events after the movie which I have written solely for my own recreation.
If I could rewrite the ending, this is how it would go: Eli hands the book over to the bad guy after the shootout (which he did). But since the book was locked, Eli should’ve replaced the bible.
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TV guide; Lifestyle Show subsections. but The Book of Eli relies on an older source of He sends Solara (Mila Kunis), the comely daughter of his blind lover Claudia (Jennifer Beals).
Mar 03, 2017 · I thought he was blind when I saw the movie. According to IMDB FAQ, yes he was possibly partially blind: “Was Eli blind? In the Bible, the high priest Eli was blind, and some might say that there are several scenes which may indicate.
After the war and the “Big Flash”, Eli was guided by a higher power to a hidden book and given the task of protecting the book and taking it to its final destination. Eli guards the book with his life, because he knows that the book is the only hope that humanity has for its future. REVIEW.

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