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A series of five 3D Archery Compeitions held in the UK. Catering for all types of archery, with events and levels of prize money never seen in the UK before.
We are working around the clock to prepare for the upcoming Spring 3D archery league! The questions have been pouring in about the league, so we wanted to make a video and explain what exactly the Berks County Bowmen.
Nebraska 4-H Archery Rules Edited December, 2016 I PLEDGE: MY HEAD to clearer thinking, MY HEART to greater loyalty, MY HANDS to greater service, MY HEALTH to better living, for my CLUB, my COMMUNITY, my COUNTRY and my WORLD. 4-H Archery Committee: Elgin Bergt Schuyler, Nebraska (Chairman) Becky Carmin Doniphan, Nebraska.
SAFAC 2019 - Cancelled Due to social unrest the hosting of the SAFAC 2019 is not considered safe for the competitors and therefor cancelled. The organisers and the IFAA are very sorry for this decisions, but the safety of our archers is paramount and could no longer be assured by the organisers and local law enforcers.
All members of the Brazos County Archery Club are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with club rules and safety guidelines when on the range and when participating in both practice and club shoot activities.
Led by World Archery, the international governing body of competitive archery, the seemingly simple sport of firing arrows at a target has grown to become the complex activity that it is today. Undertaken by highly-skilled professionals battling it out on the world stage, archery competitions are usually classified into eight different age and gender groups.
The homepage of US Collegiate Archery Association USCA and USA Archery Announce Intent to Merge.
Find all things 3D Archery here. 3D Archery Courses, Tips Tricks, Product Reviews, Bow Restorations and Builds.
*Russell County, AL is the Ft. Benning Shoot *Thursday Team Shoot w/Pros (Pro classes shoot Friday Saturday) Since our inception in 1993 the Archery Shooters Association has hosted tens of thousands of amateur and professional archers.
3D Archery Demystified – 3D Rules, 3D Scoring, and 3D Platforms Howdy, and welcome to our 3D archery page. If you’re confused about what 3D archery is and isn’t, you’ve come to the right place.
The Our thanks to Fred Wells for informing the committee of an omission from the recently issued 2017 EFAA/IFAA.

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Northern Virginia Archers is a private archery club in Fairfax Station, Virginia. Club membership is open to those interested in all aspects of archery including field archery and 3-D archery with compound bows or traditional bows. Crossbows are currently not permitted.
3D Archery World Archery 3D championships are being held as per the Rules in Book 2, Article 4.5.7, which is being described below. Rules for 3D Archery Frequently Asked Questions Please find below various FAQ in view of the FITA 3D Rules.
Results from the 2019 MAA Championship held at WWWO Range in Hazlehurst.
(b) There are many similarities between WA Rules and those in this book. However, many of the WA rules are geared to the staging of world championship events. Accordingly, shooting will normally be to the Archery GB Rules published herein; WA rules may apply when WA recognised.
The Florida Archery Association holds the state charter for the NFAA and the NAA. Information on Florida clubs, shoots, officers, merchandise, state rankings.
USA Archery Sanctioned Event Rules. USA Archery SaNctioned Event Rules. NOTE: When archers are competing in an event where there is no Team competition, i.e. U.S. National Indoor, USAT qualifying events, etc., they will not need to meet the collegiate team uniform requirements as outlined in the USAA Dress.
California Bowmen Hunters/State Archery Association (CBH/SAA) is dedicated to Promoting and Protecting Archery Bowhunting Rights in California. This statewide non-profit organization, speaks for California Archers and Bowhunters in matters concerning legislation and regulation since.
In partnership with Archery Canada amp; Sport Manitoba, Archery Manitoba provides support to clubs and members by providing programs, coach certification, insurance, high performance athlete training, youth development programs, and competitions for all archery disciplines.
Below are some common, yet critical, archery safety rules. Please make sure to go through them and preferably print the list and keep it handy – give it a read once in a while when you have a minute or too and you’ll internalize everything very quickly.
Unlike golf, an archer only takes one shot to hit each target. Every “hole” on a 3D course is a Par 1. Points are earned by arrows hitting various scoring rings on the targets. And a typical 3D round is 40 targets, versus 18 holes. There are recreational 3D shoots held by archery clubs, individuals and organizations all over the country.
The 2019 3D season is just around the corner and everyone at GAC is excited to start shooting some 3D in 2019. We have updated the 2019 calender and our first shoot will be on February 17th. See you at the range! The range is located right next door to the Chicopee Woods Elementary School.

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Scores are submitted to the OAA by the hosting clubs tournament organizers and scores posted on the results page of the OAA Website. This event consists of a single 300 round score on the IFAA 5-Spot target (60 arrows at 18m). IFAA Book of Rules and the OAA/AC equipment divisions for Ontario Indoor Championships will be in effect.
Welcome to the official website of the National Archery in the Schools Program Learn About NASP® Bring NASP® to Your School NASP® Competitions News and Updates BAI SITE (for instructors).
Archery Shooter s Assocation | ASA | The world s premier outdoor 3-D archery federation and tournaments.
USA Archery event rules. Rules for Sanctioned Tournaments. Rules Resources. Resources include information about age classes, the USA Archery Dress Code, the World Archery Rulebook and information about camo interpretation.
3DAAA is a not for profit, incorporated National Association whose primary objective is the promotion and management of the game of 3D Archery in Australia, as defined by the current competition rules of the International Bowhunting Organisation (IBO) Whilst the operational rules have been tailored to suit the Australian demography competition.
If you are a target archer, 3-D archer, bowhunter or just enjoy archery in general, you've come to the right place. The PSAA has numerous clubs across the state of Pennsylvania. The organization holds 4 State Championship events each year and offers various divisions and skill levels of archery so each archer can compete at their level.
The IBO is an archery organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the right to bowhunt.
Welcome one and all to the Official 3D Archery Association of Australia 3DAAA Website. This website is for all those interested in Archery in general and 3D Archery in particular.
2019 World Archery 3D Championships Lethbridge Bowbenders Archery Club (AB) Sep 08, 2019 720 Round, Archers of Caledon (ON) Sep 08, 2019 Field Round, Archers of Caledon (ON) Sep 14, 2019 2, Double 720 Rounds, Sherwood Park Archery Club (AB) more Rule Book. Tournament Listing.
As a result, S3DA expects to see increased participation in 3-D and target archery by youth and parent archers using compound bows and traditional archery equipment while also helping to increase participation at local, state and national archery events.
3D Archery World Archery 3D championships are being held as per the Rules in Book 2, Article 4.5.7, which is being described below. Rules for 3D Archery Frequently Asked Questions Please find below various FAQ in view of the FITA 3D Rules.

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New to indoor archery? NFAA Pro, Chris Bee, explains the basics of the #NFAAUSA Vegas round. See more #archery packed content from Bee on his YouTube channel.
For the latest version of the World Archery Constitution and Shooting rules check out the World Archery website. CLICK.
the 2019 agm of the english field archery association will take place on saturday 16 th november. the meeting will be held in the pines function room, the crossroads hotel, weedon, northampton, nn7 4px. meeting to commence 10.30am. tea and coffee will be available on arrival.
The NFAS exists to foster and promote field archery. We shoot at inanimate 2D and 3D targets, placed at unmeasured distance in woodland. Our shooting styles range from Primitive to Unlimited, covering longbows, flatbows, recurves, compounds and crossbows.
Deerslayer Bowman's Archery Club. Archery Range. NYS 3-D Archery Challenge. Sports League. New York State Archery Association. Nonprofit Organization. RBD Known Triple Classic. Sports League. Northeast-New York State ASA Federation. Stadium, Arena Sports Venue. NYFAB - New York Field Archers and Bowhunters.
World Archery’s rulebook governs the rules of the sport at international events and the structure of the federation.
This rule book integrates Archery Canada rules with Archery Ontario rules and contains all the shooting and competition management rules which athletes, Tournament Organisers and Judges need to know to participate at Ontario and Canadian outdoor, indoor, field, ski arc and 3D tournaments.
Rules Regulation On this page you can find links to all the current Rule Books, Interpretations, By-laws and SAPs from Archery GB and World Archery. Please remember to review these regularly as they are live documents and do change from time to time. The dates for changes to the rule books.
Archery Rules Photo credit: ProAdventure (Source) Archery – that is, the use of a stringed bow to propel arrows towards a target – is thought to go back thousands of years – possibly even as far as the stone age of 20,000 BC – with bows and arrows.
Any athlete found to be using equipment contravening World Archery Rules may have his scores disqualified. Described below are the specific regulations that apply to each division followed by the regulations that apply to all divisions. The dress regulations found in Book 3, Article 20.1 shall apply.
In the end, common courtesy and a good understanding of the rules will leave you with a solid understanding of proper etiquette. So make sure to get out and kill the summer doldrums this year with 3D archery this year. See 3D in HD. Don't Miss: 5 Bows Under 0 for 2017. Are you a bowhunter thirsty for knowledge.

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World Archery’s rulebook governs the rules of the sport at international events and the structure of the federation.
Come Feb. 26 in Foley, Alabama, the archery world unofficially will shift gears from indoors to the outdoor 3D season as the Archery Shooters Association kicks off its 2016 slate of tournaments with the Hoyt Archery Alabama Pro/Am. That got us thinking that now would be a good time to give an overview of 3D archery in the modern world.
--Indoor 3D Thursday nights at 7pm --Intoduce a friend to an archery club with many season veterans to lend you a hand. 3D SHOOT THANK YOU ALL WHO DONATED Christmas Toy Drive ARCHERS TAKE THERE TURNS DURING THE MAY 3D SHOOT CLICK ON THE BOOK FOR THE 2019 IBO RULES.
National Field Archery Association (NFAA) - is the parent organization of RRBAC. This association helps organize and host field, target, and 3D tournments all over the country. Below is a link to their constitution and rule book: NFAA Constitution and Rules.
The archer draws the string hand towards the face, where it should rest lightly at a fixed anchor point. This point is consistent from shot to shot, and is usually at the corner of the mouth, on the chin, to the cheek, or to the ear, depending on preferred shooting style. The archer holds the bow arm outwards, toward the target.
SOUTH CAROLINA ARCHERY ASSOCIATION OFFICIAL RULE BOOK See Official Rules for more information. Open Pro/Money Class entry fees- . Chartered.
The Archery Australia Public Liability insurance also covers clubs conducting archery activities on venues away from the registered club venue. Any activity away from the registered club venue must be conducted to Archery Australia Shooting and Safety rules and the club should undertake a Risk Analysis of the venue and activity.
Archery - The Family Sport Field archery is one of the most enjoyable forms of archery. The health aspects of walking around in a bush environment with like minded people that enjoy the sport of Archery is a wonderful experience.
Archery Shooter's Assocation | ASA | The world's premier outdoor 3-D archery federation and tournaments.
*Russell County, AL is the Ft. Benning Shoot *Thursday Team Shoot w/Pros (Pro classes shoot Friday Saturday) Since our inception in 1993 the Archery Shooters Association has hosted tens of thousands of amateur and professional archers.
ASA Archery Rules, Targets, and Shooting Classes ASA Archery Rules. ASA archery events are 3D tournaments. Archers shoot a course that contains twenty 3D animal targets. On each animal there are scoring rings which are worth 14, 12, 10, or 8 points. A shot that hits the 3D animal outside the scoring rings is awarded 5 points.

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