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Get an answer for Give me a short summary of the epic poem Beowulf? and find homework help for other Beowulf questions at eNotes. eNotes Home;

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Beowulf sees enormous amounts of treasure in Grendel s mother s lair, but all he takes are the jewel-inlaid hilt of the melted sword and Grendel s severed head. Beowulf swims back to the surface of the lake, where his warriors are overjoyed to see him. The Geats return to Heorot Hall, taking Grendel s enormous severed head with them.

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19th-century archaeological evidence may confirm elements of the Beowulf story.Eadgils was buried at Uppsala (Gamla Uppsala, Sweden) according to Snorri Sturluson.When the western mound (to the left in the photo) was excavated in 1874, the finds showed that a powerful man was buried in a large barrow, c. 575, on a bear skin with two dogs and rich grave offerings.

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Beowulf Part 1: Summary Analysis. Chapter 6 / Lesson 2 Transcript The first part of the epic poem Beowulf, which works out to be the first 1007 lines, deals mainly with the battle between.

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Beowulf is introduced and comes to the land of Danes to meet Hrothgar for the first time and slay grendel. chapter 5. Grendel attacks have aged Hrothgar.

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