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The fighting that began in Book V continues in Book VI. In the overall structure of the epic, this fighting involves three large movements between the ships and the city. These movements end in Books XV, XVI, and XVII when the Trojans fire the Greek ships, Patroklos is killed, and Achilles decides to re-enter the battle.

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The gods treat the war as their playground, and are more than willing to trade barbs—and mortal’s lives—with one another. To some extent, the fact that men are mortal is what makes men appealing to the gods of Homer: ultimately, they are expendable.

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Literature Network » Homer » The Iliad » Book IV. Book IV. BOOK IV. Now the gods were sitting with Jove in council upon the golden.

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Book 5 begins a passage of extended individual heroism for Diomedes, something that the Greeks called an aristeia. The passages is designed to commemorate Diomedes’ bravery and glory as a hero. The passages is designed to commemorate Diomedes’ bravery and glory.

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