Price List

The cost of a finished custom frame erected on your foundation will range from $19 to $24+ per square foot, without insulating sheathing.  Actual costs will depend on a wide range of variables, including your choice of timber, number and sizing of timbers, complexity of the frame, floor plan, custom frame finish details such as curved braces, custom carving, and any additional transportation and raising costs.

These prices include all joinery, straight braces, timbers planed smooth on all exposed surfaces with chamfered edges and one coat of tung oil.  Shipping, unloading, crane and raising crew are all additional costs.

Structural insulated panels (SIP) installed on the timber frame will cost about $8-$10 per square foot of panel.  The actual cost will depend on the type of panel, R-value of the panel, window and door openings, and whether the panels are pre-cut or site-cut.

We would be happy to give you an estimate for a custom frame.  Call or email us for the information we need to provide you an estimate.

An economical alternative to our custom frames is one of our pre-designed frame packages.

Pre-designed frame packages for the following frames include:

  • A red oak or hemlock frame cut and ready to assemble.
  • Second floor joists and necessary stair framing.
  • Blueprint package and structural engineer’s stamp.
  • Site supervision for the frame raising.


House Style Size Useable sq/ft Hemlock Red Oak
Philipston Cape 24×31 1488 $26,784.00 $38,755.00
Petersham Cape 24×35 1680 $30,240.00 $42,672.00
Tully Gambrel 24×31 1488 $28,560.00 $39,960.00
Prescott Gambrel 24×35 1680 $32,040.00 $43,680.00
Wendell Saltbox 24×31 1482 $27,832.00 $40,415.00
Dana Saltbox 24×35 1680 $31,544.00 $44,688.00

Tom Musco, the founder and principle timber framer of Royalston Oak, began his professional woodworking career as a musical instrument apprentice to Peter S Kyvelos in Belmont, Massachusetts in 1973. Tom spent several years making and repairing a variety of Middle Eastern and Western stringed musical instruments. One of his dulcimers was featured in the first Fine Woodworking Design Book in 1976. Tom and his wife Judy moved to Royalston, Massachusetts in 1977 and began building timber frames, an interest he discovered in a beautiful timber-frame barn on his in-laws farm in Petersham, Massachusetts. His first frame was for his shop and his second frame was for his house. He made furniture and timber frames until 1980 when his shop was struck by lightening and burned to the ground along with all his tools and machinery. He built a new timber framed shop with the help of his neighbors and began timber framing full time. Tom was a founding member of the Timber Framers Guild. He has done workshops in NE ( Pembroke workshop at TFG ) and England. In 1989 Tom and his crew participated in the famous Concord Barn Raising episode of This Old House. He has built timber frames in New York State, the Hamptons, Tennessee, North Carolina, Alaska, and all the New England states except Rhode Island. Tom has crafted almost 200 timber frames since 1977. Tom is also an excellent cook with an interest in food of Sicily, where 3 of his 4 grandparents were born. He has written a series of articles on Sicilian food which you can read at the website of the Umass Journalism in Sicily Program.